Felix Turner is a Creative Technologist based in Los Angeles. I do front-end web development and prototyping with JavaScript, WebGL and GLSL shaders. I love building experiences that are innovative & fun. Clients include Apple, Google, Nike and Yeezy.

Featured Work

I've been lucky to work with some great brands and agencies. Here is a selection of recent work.


In my free time I like to experiment with graphics and interactivity. Here's some selected demos.


Skills include Javascript, WebGL, GLSL shaders, prototyping, UI design and tech leadership. In addition to web dev, I have experience with Unity, Swift, Processing, and C++.

I've previously worked at Tool, Brightcove, R/GA and Huge. In addition to client work I have personally built web apps used by millions of people, including PhotoMosh and Juicebox.

In my free time I create generative visuals. I also build live audio-reactive music visualizers as Uberviz.

I graduated in Computer Science from University College London. Here's an interview I did with the FWA. Here's some of my photos. Here's my old blog, now sadly neglected.

I enjoy science fiction, generative art and spicy miso ramen.

Here is my Resume. Currently available for freelance and fulltime work.

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  • Adobe Cutting Edge Project of the Week ( x2 )
  • Architecture Web Site Awards Gold Medal
  • Awwwards Site of the Day ( x3 )
  • Cannes Cyber Lion
  • CSS Design Award ( x3 )
  • Best WebGL Site of the Year
  • D&AD Digital Award ( x2 )
  • Design Interact's Site of the Week
  • Flashforward Film Festival Finalist
  • FWA Mobile of the Day ( x2 )
  • FWA Site of the Day ( x10 )
  • Royal Television Society Multimedia Award
  • Sonar Featured Artist
  • The One Show Award ( x5 )
  • Webbys ( x2 )